Ivoire Foreman

Ivoire Foreman

artist and such

I take my reality and translate it, teasing it, mocking it, flipping it back and forth. I have moved past the fixed idea of gender and sex, beyond the simple, limited language of the binary narrative. In the same way, my work has evolved past the restrictions of material to conceptually create a sense of connection and affirmation.

I speak of Trans as being everything and as constant change. Male and female are just two genders, the minorities in a Trans majority. I know that this makes people uncomfortable, and I’m glad it does. I want everyone at times to feel uncomfortable with their gender, to question it.

“So you were born a girl and just stayed that way? Why?”

“How do you know you’re not Trans?”

There is so much diversity in the Trans community. The reality is Trans. I don’t want to forget this, I don’t want other Trans people to forget this.

I see Trans.

Our reality is Trans.

Everything is Trans.